Health and Safety

Our Health & Safety Standards

Our health and safety standards surpass those required by state laws for spas and nail salons, to provide the best environment for our guests.

Our Health & Safety Procedures

  • Before each service:
    1. Stainless steel cutting and filing tools are scrubbed and soaked in germicide then sterilized in an autoclave.
    2. Chair surfaces are disinfected with germicide.
    3. Our staff member washes his/her hands.
  • During service:
    1. Our staff member wears gloves for procedures that require gloved hands.
    2. Clean towels and sheets are used for treatments that require them. We never reuse these items until they have been washed.
    3. Tools never come into contact with customers unless they are new or have been sterilized.
    4. We never use spa chair foot baths.
    5. We don’t do acrylic or artificial nails.
    6. We never cut cuticles.
  • After each service:
    1. Tools that cannot be sterilized are given to the customer or disposed. We never reuse these implements.
    2. Bowls used for manicure and pedicure soaks are disinfected with germicide.
  • Throughout each day:
    1. All table, counter, chair, and bed surfaces are disinfected with germicide.
    2. The floor is cleaned of debris.
  • Every 2 weeks:
    1. We perform autoclave spore testing to ensure that our autoclave is operating properly. This testing is monitored by an independent monitoring agency.